The Fine Wines of Portugal

Portugal will not be the initial country you think of when you find yourself trying to find new wines to sample. However, Portuguese wine production outdates all kinds of other countries; the Portuguese have been trading wine with the rest worldwide because the early 1700s.

You can find legends that describe wine being stated in Portugal from since 4000 years ago. Obviously, the assembly was very different than today, yet it is likely that Portugal has been producing wine because the period of the Phoenicians.

Distinctive and Exceptional

Virtually every wine drinker recognizes that the very best wines created in Portugal have traditionally been port and Madeira, two fortified wines enjoyed worldwide. There's additional for the wines of Portugal, though, every variety can be as impressive because these well-known beverages.

Portugal has several different wine regions, each producing and taking advantage of its very own distinctive grape varieties. In fact, this is exactly what makes Portuguese wine so unique among other wine-producing countries. The wines manufactured in Portugal are manufactured from native grape species, and they are generally all distinctive to your area. You can find government safeguards available to make certain all wine manufactured in Portugal is of the most effective possible.

Various sorts of wine originated from Portugal, though not every one of them are well-known in other regions around the globe. Europe, especially England, is well acquainted with the majority of Portugal's finest exports, nevertheless they have yet to gain the identical popularity in the United States.

Alentejo Wine
The Alentejo region is in southern Portugal. The wines created from the alentejo grapes are fruity, soft whites that has a distinctive acidity. It is the most preferred wines for consumption within Portugal.

Bairrada Wine
The Regiao Demarcada da Bairrada produces red and white wines, even so the most popular wine from this region is really a sparkling white wine quite commonly within Portuguese restaurants.

Colares Sand Wine
Near Lisbon, wine grapes are grown in sandy soil that is scarce today because of the continuing development of town. Colares sand vino is created in both red and white varieties, and has now an original fruity taste.

Dao Wine
The Regiao Demarcada do Dao is in northern Portugal, and yes it produces some very unique wines from the 3 varieties of Portuguese grapes. They are widely considered to be the very best table wine manufactured in Portugal.

Moscatel Wine
Moscatel (Muscat in English) is amongst the oldest varieties of Portuguese wine. It is just a fortified wine that was enjoyed since way back when.

Port Wine
Port wines are fortified wines that can be enjoyed in either red or white varieties. This really is one of many varieties of wine that made Portuguese wine known and loved world wide.

Vinho Verde
Vinho Verde is produced in northwest Portugal and experience an ageing stage. It's the second most exported Portuguese wine, soon after port.

Something for every individual
As you can see by these brief descriptions, your wine of Portugal is varied and sophisticated. You're sure to locate a selection of Portuguese wine that agrees with you and your discerning palate.

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